3 ways that I curl my hair: The quickest curls

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I have three posts planned for this short series that I call '3 ways that I curl my hair' They are;

  • The quickest curls
  • The best curls
  • The comfiest curls
They are basically going to tell you about the 3 methods I use to curl my hair (without the use of heat, I always try not to use heat on my hair unless I HAVE to) The method that leaves you with the best curls, the comfiest method to sleep in and the method that curls the quickest!

The method that curls the quickest (in my opinion) is pin curls!! 

I love pin curls, they are so easy and leave your hair looking lovely! I only really need to keep them in my hair for about 15 minutes and it's perfect!

Keep reading to find out how to do this method..

You will need: Pin curls clips (or bobby pins if you don't have any!), a brush, hairspray and a scarf (optional).

Step one: First we need to get rid of that bed head..

...Brush your hair (obvious step!).

Step two: Take a small section of your hair (I like to start with my fringe so it's out of my face).

Step three: Go to the end of your section and curl it up, so it meets your hair again and forms a circle.

Step four: Keep on rolling it up until it reaches your head.

Step five: Pick up your pin curl clip/ bobby pin/ whatever you decide to use.

Step six: Place your finished pin curl flat on your head and pin it in place. 

TADA, there you have your pin curl.

Step seven: Do this on the rest of your hair.

Step eight: Hairspray!! (this hairspray is amazing, I really recommend it!)

Step nine: Tie your scarf around them and wait 15 minutes (or more).

Step ten: Take everything out and there you go!

Good luck

    Lily of the valley

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