A happier, new me..

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A lot has happened in my life recently, I have been seeing a councillor again, Chris and I broke up for good, I no longer have a job.. I'm not going to go on as it's almost all negative.. from now on, I am going to be positive!

  • I recently started going to the gym. My aim is to feel healthier, lose a bit of weight and be more comfortable in my body. I already feel like I can see a difference (especially on my legs and bum!), I just can't wait to be happy with my weight! 
  • I have got one of my old friends back! He makes me so happy and really cheers me up! It's like we never stopped speaking!
  • Like I mentioned above, I have been seeing a councillor again. This time though, I really feel like it is helping and that I am going to get better! 
  • I'm going to look after myself more, especially my skin and what I eat (I haven't ate pizza in like 2 weeks!)
I am picking myself up and starting again
I will be happy
I will like how I look
I will love being me :)

Lily of the valley

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