A letter to my younger self

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Dear Danielle,
You are going to go through quite a bit in your life, don't let any of it get you down.. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

People are going to call you names and hurt you, for 7 years of your school life actually.. Don't let it bother you! You are unique and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't listen to anything that they say to you, you are not fat and you are not ugly. You are you.

Family life is going to get a little messy, but don't worry because everything works out in the end..

Forget about trying all those expensive products to tackle your spots, go straight to Simple! Their products work wonders!

Don't be afraid to be yourself.
Don't be afraid of trying new things.

Create a blog right now! It really helps your confidence!

Be yourself and be happy! Don't worry about what anyone thinks!

Stay positive!
Older you x

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  1. What a lovely letter to yourself, wouldn't it be perfect if we could let our younger selves how to cope through times in our life!
    I know I'd tell myself something very similar to you.

    Hope you're well :)
    -sarah xo

    1. It really would be!
      I'm good :) thank you very much :) hope you are too!
      Danielle xo