My evening skincare routine

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A few months ago I decided to stop using makeup wipes, as I have quite sensitive skin and it always stung a bit after using them.. I've tried loads of products to remove my makeup and be gentle on my skin and now I have finally got into a routine! I love taking my makeup of at the end of the day and my skin always feels so soft and lovely after I use this routine (and I have noticeably clearer skin!).

As you may know, I have fallen in love with Simple's products, almost everything that I use in the evening is Simple.. their products are just brilliant!

Anyway, lets get started!

I start with my eye makeup, I take my Simple eye makeup remover and a cotton pad and gently rub it on and under my eyes. It is by far the best eye makeup remover I have ever used (and it's under £2?!), it does exactly as it says and removes every bit of makeup even waterproof mascara!

Next I take my Simple moisturising facial wash and use this all over my face and neck. This is the main thing I use to take my makeup off and it's just amazing. It removes pretty much all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft!

Then I take my Simple purifying cleansing lotion and use that all over my face and neck to remove any little bits that my face wash missed (which is nothing most of the time!).

Then I use my new favourite spot-kicker! My Simple triple action face wash, this face wash is just fantastic! 
To read my review on this product, click here.

After this step, I have two products that I sometimes use.. Although most of the time, the step above would be the last..

If I currently have dry skin, I will use my Simple kind to skin replenishing moisturiser.

If I'm finding it hard to sleep recently, then I will use my Elemis balancing lavender toner, it makes my skin feel lovely and the lavender helps me sleep.

What is your evening skincare routine?
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