Spotless skin?

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I went shopping the other day (and I was having quite a bad skin day!) with my sister and I came cross this.. I thought it sounded perfect and decided to give it a go!

It's Simple's spotless skin triple action face wash and it really is amazing. I have used it twice a day for about 4 days and my skin has cleared up so much!

It contains 3 spot fighting ingredients (Zinc PCA which absorbs excess oils, Chamomile which is a skin soothing anti-irritant and Witch Hazel which tones and tightens pores).
It also contains a natural antibacterial called Phytosphingosine which helps fight spots and blemishes.

I got it from Savers for £1.99 too so it's affordable (like all the other amazing Simple products!)

I am SO happy that I came across this face wash!

Lily of the valley

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