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'Sebastian Barron is an artist who likes to sketch ordinary people in extraordinary places. He spends most of his days watching the people go by his local café, asking questions about their lives and their work and admiring the friendly waitress. A natural curiosity fuels his artistic passion. Today, an encounter with The Salesman will throw Seb into a world even he couldn't have imagined. Curiosity leads him to the two strange men sitting in a café booth, one of them is grasping a brown leather satchel, Seb has to know what is in it, even if it costs him his sanity. They tell him they are collectors, he must earn the right so see what's in the bag. 
But as he follows the strange men into their depraved world, he soon realises that his curiosity will destroy the lives of those around him. Their lives are in his hands and he must do terrible things to get them back. 
His soul is darkened but his salvation is upon him, he must face the strangers, he must collect one last thing for them. He must seek his paradise.'

The thing I really liked about this book is that it kicked in straight away, I was only a few pages in before it kicked! I also really liked the plot and the whole idea of it.
I didn't understand how Sebastian had the courage to just stroll over to two random strangers in the cafe and ask them what was in the bag that they were clutching so tightly? Imagine if a stranger just walked up to you and asked you what was in your bag, you'd think something bad was going to happen, right?! 

A little later on in the book, it gets a little gruesome and at one point I actually did feel a little uncomfortable (which I don't normally do). There's also a few bad words, does anyone else still feel like a naughty child when you read a swear word in a book?

I didn't really enjoy the ending of this book, I was left with more than one question playing on my mind. I was left thinking 'what? is that the end?' and I was also a little confused...

I wouldn't highly recommend this book but if you fancy reading this, then go ahead :) (There are quite a few spelling mistakes on the Kindle too which was a bit annoying)

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