Seven beauty sins

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  • Not washing my makeup brushes as much as I should - Apparently you are meant to wash your used makeup brushes at least once a month, I sometimes go months without washing mine, maybe that's why I keep getting spots?
  • Mascara picking - You know when you've rubbed your eyes and the mascara that you are wearing goes all lumpy and clings onto your eyelashes? I sit there sometimes and pick it off, I don't know why I just like doing it.
  • Not removing my makeup before I go to sleep - I'm sure that most of you out there are also guilty of this! 
  • Rubbing my eyes - The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, most sensitive part of your face so it must not be a very good thing to rub daily (which I do), I'm probably going to have eye wrinkles in the near future.
  • Popping my spots - Yes I know it's not good for your skin, it's gross and it spreads bacteria... but I just can't help it!
  • Biting my nails - This is probably my worst habit, I always regret it straight after, it's like I don't know that I'm actually doing it until it's too late!
  • Not brushing my hair before bed - If I don't brush my hair before bed or I move around a lot, it starts to knot and dread up! it's so annoying and a pain to get rid of. 
What are your seven beauty sins? 
Lily of the valley

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  1. I'm the worst for nail biting and not washing my make-up brushes. I actually sometimes don't brush the bottom of my hair in the day if I'm tying it up, untangling all the knots seems like way too much of an effort if I don't have to bother..

    Sammy xo.

    1. I do that too! If I don't sleep with my hair up, I wake up with random dreadlocks which I either take ages to brush out (and get a terrible headache!) or cover them in conditioner! It's terrible! I'm trying to get into the habit of brushing my hair before I sleep and putting it up, aha

      Danielle xo

  2. It grosses me out a little when I know that a brush has used foundation on it so I try to wash it every two uses. Everything else I kinda wait until it gets muddy or really dirty, but I try to do those at least weekly or every two weeks. I'm the same with my eye rubbing, though makeup prevents me from rubbing them ;)

    xx becky // star violet

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean aha! I've started washing mine more frequently now!
      Danielle xo