What makes me happy #13

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Bed socks - Bed socks are not just for winter! I wear bed socks pretty much every night, they're so comfortable and fluffy and I just love them.

Fake flowers - Flowers that don't wither and die? yes please! Who doesn't want flowers that stay beautiful forever!
Being welcomed back home by my pets - Kim (dog) cries and wags her whole body, not just her tail, and she jumps up on my and then follows me round for the next hour or so. Brian (parrot) has a little squawk until I go into the room he is in and talk to him. My pets are so cute!

Finishing a to-do list - There is no better feeling than finishing a to-do list before the day is over!

Throwing things from a distance and actually getting them in the bin - Wahoo! Don't really need to say anything on this one, everyone has tried this at least once in their life.

What makes you happy?
Lily of the valley

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  1. I need to buy some new bed socks, mine appear to have disappeared after my house move and now the nights are getting colder, my feet are starting to get chilly.


    1. Aw no way, Primark have a load in right now!

      Danielle xo