2 books that you should read at least once

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 Room by  Emma Donoghue
I have read this book literally 7 times, I love it. The story is told in the perspective of a 5-year-old boy named Jack, who is being held captive in a room (which Jack calls room) along with his mother. As room is all Jack has ever known, he loves living there, he thinks that that is all there is in the world and that everything on tv is not at all real. Their captive (who Jack calls Old Nick) visits on most nights (via a door that is secured with an electric combination lock) to bring food and spend some time in bed with the mother, while Jack is sleeping in a wardrobe. I just love this whole book, it's so creative and I actually feel like reading this again... I might just do that.

(Also, a film adaption is now being made and it will be out in 2015, can't wait!)

Misery by Stephen King
This is my current favourite book by Stephen King, I just love it. The film is really good too. An author named Paul Sheldon is involved in a car crash and who should rescue him but his number one fan, Annie Wilkes! She takes him to her house to look after him, but when she finds out that he killed her favourite character, she forces him to write another book and bring her favourite character back to life.

What are your favourite books?
Lily of the valley

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