A day with my sister

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The other day my sister and I went to Southport to visit a new Egyptian museum that has just opened, I love Ancient Egypt it's so fascinating and so fun to learn about!

Here are a few pictures..
This was what they used as a pillow, how uncomfortable does that look?!
This is apparently a real mummy? I'm not sure I'm convinced

Before we went to the museum, we had a look around for something to eat. We couldn't find anywhere that we fancied, so we ended up going to Wetherspoons. Every time my sister and I decide to go there, something always goes wrong! I was really unhappy with the service and the staff that served us and my sisters order was wrong more than once and no knife and fork were given.
We definitely wont be going there again! 

If you would like to see everything that I purchased this day, then click HERE to watch my Haul video :)
                               Lily of the valley

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  1. I love ancient egyptian things too, I've always found the culture of it so intriguing!