5 tips: Keeping up with your blogging schedule

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Keeping up with your blogging schedule is hard sometimes, especially when you just start a full time job, here are some of my tips that I use to keep up with my blogging schedule.

To-do list
I always plan to-do lists each night and I don't let myself sleep the next day until everything on that list is complete. This way I have done everything that I wanted/needed to do and I don't have to worry about anything.

Bulk pictures and editing
Taking loads of pictures together and editing them all on the same day really saves time and you get it all done at once.

Scheduling posts
I don't normally do this much, but I have been doing in this month as I'm posting (well, aiming to) a blog post each day at 11am and it's really helped me stay organised and I haven't really felt stressed at all as I'm a week ahead and have loads of time to do each post. I'm going to start doing this a little more often.

Notebook carrying
I've carried a notebook/sticky notes for months now, I always find it easy to write ideas/thoughts down on paper so I don't forget them, I don't really like using the notepad on my phone or anything like that.

This is the most important one, relax and enjoy it. If it stresses you out too much or you feel like it's a chore and you're not enjoying it then take a break.

Do you have any tips to add?
Lily of the valley

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  1. great list!! writing a to-do list is a must for me... and scheduling posts ahead of time is something I love to do!


    1. Thanks! I write so many to-do lists, I love organising, it's just so fun aha :)

      Danielle xo

  2. Great post LOTV! I really need to figure out some kind of schedule for keeping up to date with my blog!
    Jessica x

    1. Thank you :) It really helps, go for it!

      Danielle xo