A new start

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This year is going to be my year. The end of this year has literally been perfect for me; I have a wonderful boyfriend who makes me happy 24/7 and a brand new job which is just amazing. I feel very optimistic that this year it's going to continue and get better. I feel like I have a new outlook on life, a more positive one, I'm just so happy with life right now.

This year I've decided that I'm going to look after myself more, I'm going to:

  • Start and exercise routine and try and stick to it, I might even join the gym again. I'm not completely happy with my weight or my health right now so I am planning on working on them and being comfortable in my skin
  • Try and stick to my skincare routine and never fall asleep with makeup on! 
  • Start meditating and doing a little bit of yoga every now and again because it increases flexibility and just makes me feel calmer and happy.
I'm also going to try and keep my room (well, house) tidy and keep up with household chores, good luck to me!

I've switched my blog around a little bit for the new year because I fancied a change, I also may change around the days and time that I normally post (2pm Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun) so follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook Page to keep up to date. 

A big change is coming up later in the month and I am SO excited, it's part of the reason why I only managed to do one blog post this December, I'll be telling you all about it as and when it happens!

Lily of the valley

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  1. I definitely need to get back into Pilates & Yoga, it makes me feel calmer and happier too <3 xo