Christmas 2014

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Well my Christmas started how it always should, in my new Christmas pyjamas...

...complete with my sisters bunny slippers (I left mine at home).

My dad came round and we spent the morning opening presents, I'm in love with everything I got!

Ivy was very happy with all her presents, she wanted to play with them asap, although she didn't like it much when I took her Santa toy and said 'Ho Ho Ho'

After all the presents were opened and we had relaxed in front of the TV for a little while, my dad left and we all got ready to go round to my Nan's for Christmas dinner.

I wore my navy dress and my new favourite cardigan.

I love the collar and the bottom of this dress, it's so cute.

My mum, sister and I walked round to my Nan's and had the biggest dinner ever! I didn't get any photos because I was starving, aha! And to be honest, I forgot! (oops!).
The picture above is of my Nan's cat, Rosie, she's so beautiful I couldn't not take a picture of her.

I got a taxi home at around half 6, got a shower and made myself a lovely latte in my new mug (which is just adorable). I opened my box of celebrations, did a little bit of blogging and listened to Etta James. Perfect end to the day.

That was my Christmas.

How was your Christmas? What did you get up to?
Lily of the valley

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  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful day! Happy New Year lovely <3 xo

    1. I hope you had a wonderful day too! Happy New Year <3

      Danielle xo