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I am a shy person who doesn't really have much confidence, a few months ago someone taught me different ways to look confident and convince my body that I am. I have decided to share a few of those method with you;
  • Taking deep breaths and simply standing tall/sitting up straight - these methods helped me a lot when I was job-seeking and going for interviews, as I used to get quite nervous before interviews. It also helps in situations where I needed to be more confident, strong and professional. I use these methods on days where I'm not feeling very confident or I'm feeling run down, it really helps with my job as you have to believe in yourself and trust your decisions. 
  •  Smiling and telling yourself that you are a confident person helps, if you say something often enough you will start to believe it. For some people, reciting a mantra to themselves on a regular basis or before an event really helps.
  • Pretend that you are acting - You are a very confident, proud and strong person and you are doing great! This is another way to convince yourself that you are more confident and it really works! 

I feel like I have turned into a more confident person since settling in to my job, starting my blog and youtube, and joining in on blogger chats on Twitter.

Are you a confident person? Do you have any more tips?
Lily of the valley
(I wonder how many times the word 'confident' has been used in this post, aha!) 

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