Happy Mother's Day

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To the most amazing and beautiful woman I know, my mum. 

You are an inspiration to me, you have gone through a lot in your life and you have taught me how to deal with things that have/may happen in my life.
You've taught me to stay strong and carry on going, I thank you for that.
You introduced me to a few bands that you loved when you were younger, like Thin Lizzy, I absolutely love them all and I'm glad you shared them with me.
You have taught me to accept myself, that I am worth something and not to listen to/care about what other people think of me. They don't matter.
You taught me not to take things for granted and that I'm lucky to live the life I live.
You have taught me to be me, to look and to dress how I want to and not worry about other people's opinions as long as I'm comfortable.

I love you, mum
Thank you for being you

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