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Staying positive isn't always that easy, things happen in our lives which may make it hard for us to keep positive and upbeat, I thought that I would share with you a few of my tips that I use to stay positive. These methods have helped me in the past and still continue to do so;

  • Stay away from Negative Nancies - We all have people in our lives who moan about every little thing or bring you down without knowing, if you have something going on in your life which is making you feel a little pessimistic then try not to make plans with the Negative Nancies in your life and make some plans with them when you feel more yourself.
  • Good points of the day - If I've had a bad day or I just feel like it, before I go to sleep I write down all the good things that have happened in my day, no matter how small, I write them down and it makes me feel positive and happier.
  • What are you grateful for? - Another thing I like to do on a down day is think about (or write down) a few things that I am grateful for in my life, I love doing this, I always feel so optimistic afterwards.
  • Setting goals - Setting goals really helps me stay positive, even if it's one goal a month, achieving those goals makes me feel great!
  • SMILE - There are many reasons that I have added smiling on to the list; it tricks the body into changing your mood and makes you feel better, it relieves stress, it releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin which make you feel happy (it also lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immune system!).
What helps you stay positive?
Lily of the valley

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  1. Great post, I think we could all do with some positivity! I have been feeling pretty stressed recently so these tips will help.

    Bethan Likes

    1. Thank you :), I agree! I hope they do help you :)

      Danielle xo