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If you don't know what wax tarts are, they are little shapes that you melt and as they melt they release scents that are wonderful and long lasting.

For my birthday I got a new owl oil burner (which I wrote about in this post) from my boyfriend, who is so good at buying presents! With this oil burner I got lots of different wax melts, I got;
Lavender (which we all know is my favourite!), Baby Powder, Passion Fruit, Banana Leaf (which smells delicious even though I hate banana), White Musk and the one I can't stop melting because it smells so amazing, Pink Cinnamon!

I'm a scented candle person, I've never actually tried wax melts properly. After trying them I will definitely be purchasing more in the future, they last so long and my room is constantly smelling beautiful even when they haven't been lit for a while.

Why have I never tried these before?!

Danielle xo

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