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The other day, I got a lovely post on my Facebook wall from my cousins girlfriend.. 

 'I just want to say how amazing I think u are. I have seen ur YouTube channel and the videos and think u have so much confidence to be posting and shareing ur views with the world. The life is like a bike video was just lovely. You make me smilesmile emoticon

 I love the make up and hair videos too they so u. keep going Danielle Bentley because ur a little super star xxx'

I instantly felt so happy and I even felt more confident in myself, my blog and also my youtube channel. I've been feeling a little run down about my youtube and my blog recently, do you ever just feel like you're not good enough at something and that you're wasting your time trying? That's how I have been feeling, it hasn't been fun.

I have been getting my motivation and confidence back so everything is getting back to normal and ideas have been popping into my head.

I love how the tiniest of things can make such a big difference.

Danielle xo

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  1. Aww that's so lovely! Just subscribed to your channel, I'm super excited to see more videos from you! <3

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