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The other day I visited one of my favourite shops on Bold Street called Shared Earth.
I love this shop, it sells the cutest, original items and it always smells so amazing inside.

Every time I walk into this shop, I buy at least one item, I can't control myself in there! It's all so perfect.
On this visit, I purchased a new incense holder as I accidentally broke my old one while moving house :(
This one is perfect for my room as the colours are neutral, it also has Elephants on it which is a bonus! Yay Elephants!

Along with my new incense holder, I also got a packet of Cinnamon incense sticks as Cinnamon is one of my favourite Autumn/Winter scents.
I added it to my collection of favourites; Lily of the Valley and Rose.

Happy Happy Happy
Danielle xo

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