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Hello my lovelies!
I haven't done a hair tutorial in literally about a year and a half! I really enjoy these posts so I thought that I would bring them back and do more! 

Here is an easy quick hairstyle that I do if my hair isn't cooperating or it's just too frizzy aha!

A hair doughnut (cut in half)
Bobby pins
A bandanna/scarf
A brush
A bobble
Dry Shampoo (optional)

Step one: I start, obviously, by brushing through my hair and I apply Dry Shampoo if my hair needs it. 
Step two: I separate my fringe from the rest of my hair. 
Step three: I place the hair doughnut at the bottom of my fringe and roll it up to the top of my forehead (be sure to roll it under and not away from your face), I then secure it in place with a few bobby pins.
It should look like this, play around with it a while until you are happy with the way it looks.
Step four: I pull the rest of my hair up into a messy bun, doesn't have to be perfect.
Step five: I take my bandanna and roll/fold it up so it looks like this.
Step six: I put the bandanna around my head and tie it at the top.

If you don't own a hair doughnut, check out another hair tutorial I posted a while back to find out an easy way to make this look without the use of a hair doughnut. 

There we have it, I hope you like it!
Danielle xo

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