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Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well :)

I was lucky enough to attend my second blog event last Saturday, organised by the lovely Jenny (who blogs over at Secret Beauty Box)

I met up with Danielle (who I met at the ESPA event) beforehand at Moorfields station and we got a taxi to the venue.

The event took place in a lovely little secret gem, Fruit + Fibres, it's a lovely little canteen which also holds regular craft workshops.

When we arrived, we were given a lanyard with our name and blog on (it also had a unique code that other bloggers/brands could scan to get your blog with a QR reader), it made me feel very important!

I loved the idea of using the QR reader to scan everyone's badge and get their blog, it's so much quicker than writing them down and you can keep them all in one folder.

The only seats that were left were the comfy sofas in the corner (which we didn't mind at all, hehe) right next to the lush stand too! We were comfy AND it smelt amazing!

Jenny stood up and welcomed us all, she then introduced Andrea (Stylist for My Showcase)

Andrea stood up and spoke a little bit about My Showcase.
In a nutshell, they showcase lots of different brands,

One brand that stood out to me was Emma Lomax (who has been embroidering since she was about 8) makes lots of different embroided products which are all so cute and I loved them! I really liked the travel case she did which I actually forgot to take a picture of *slaps wrist*.

Next, Tiffany (aka. Twig) from Stella & Dot stood up and spoke about some of the different pieces of jewelry and accessories that they do.

 They were so beautiful, with so much attention to detail... Tiffany mentioned how it took 3 years to get the clasp of one necklace perfect, three years!

All their products are luxurious but affordable, hypoallergenic, lead safe and contain a range of different stones from quartz to crystal.

Celebrities such as Kim K and Cheryl Cole have been seen wearing Stella & Dot products.

One thing I loved is that if you buy a scarf from Stella & Dot, the same amount of money goes to Woman's Aid.

Tiffany spoke about some of their collections, I loved the sound of their artist own collection which is vintage inspired, we all know I love a bit of vintage!

Another thing I loved was that a lot of their pieces are reversible so if it doesn't match your current outfit you can switch it around, how wonderful is that?!

Sally from Taking Shapes then stood up, taking shapes specialise in women's plus-size fashion in sizes 16-24.

 Nikita and Danielle actually went to the event wearing their outfits, they both looked beautiful (I was very jealous of Danielle's cardigan!).

Hannah from Motives Cosmetics went up next and told us a little about Motives Cosmetics.

Hannah spoke about her top three products; Motives Eye Pallette (which I swatched and it was amazing!), Primer (I may purchase this because it sounds so good!) and their Brow Kit.

I had a look on her table and decided that I need every single one of those lipsticks in my life!
During her speech, Hanna actually said 'Mac lipsticks have nothing on these' so I have big expectations!

Johnathon and Megan were up next. 
Everyone knows who Lush Cosmetics are so they didn't need much of an introduction. Did you know that Lush Cosmetics do spa treatments? In the Liverpool store too?! I didn't. Megan spoke a little bit about their spa treatments and how each one is unique to you. On their stand, Johnathon and Megan were selling their charity pot (which is an amazing hand and body lotion). I bought a £1 tester pot of it and I am definitely going to buy more! If you bought one of the charity pots at the event, your name went into a raffle and you got a change to win a Lush spa treatment (congratulations to the lovely Kiah, I am very jealous!).

Johnathon then introduced up to the charity of the event, The Choir With No Name, it's a choir that bring together homeless people and people from the very edges of our society. Johnathon actually plays piano for them. 

Next up was Brittany from Noctua.  

Before the event, Brittany asked us what semi-precious stone we would like to use on our bracelets, I picked Amethyst which relieves stress and contains calming energies which is perfect for me, aha!

I found making my own bracelet so peaceful and relaxing, I enjoyed it so much! I made my bracelet big so it could wrap around my wrist twice.

This is how mine turned out, I am actually so happy with my bracelet and I actually really want to start making my own jewelry.

We had a break to enjoy some lovely food that had been prepared for us, I didn't eat anything but it all looked delicious (I usually eat before events because I'm so picky and I have allergies).

I bought three strips of raffle tickets originally, but decided to buy two more so I ended up with five! I've never won anything in my life, literally, I was feeling lucky this day...

After our break, Megan gave us all a Lush Masterclass on Sam. She used a cleanser called Ultrabland, a face mask called Don't Look At Me (which I NEED to try) and finished off with their Eau Roma toner water. 

Before we left, it was raffle time!

Brands included in the raffle:

You'll never guess what?! I went and won didn't I?! I chose the lovely Taking Shapes Pomegranate candle, it smells delicious and comes in a beautiful painted glass. 

At the door, we were given a huge goody bag containing lots of amazing goodies! 

I had such an amazing time and I can't wait for the next one!

Danielle xo

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