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Every year, I seem to focus on one colour for Autumn; Last Autumn I wore a lot of Plum, this Autumn I seem to be wearing a lot of Navy.

I went shopping with my lovely mother the other day (I bought mostly Navy items) and I thought that I would share with you all what I bought.

I bought these lovely navy boots and they are the most comfortable shoes ever! Pretty much ALL of my shoes are black so I feel a little bit odd wearing colourful shoes, I'm sure I'll feel more comfortable soon. 

I came across these black wedged-heel shoes and decided that I just needed to have them. These shoes are also so comfortable and the heel isn't too tall for me so that's also good aha.

I saw these faux-leather and faux-fur gloves and thought that they looked okay, then I tried them on and I was in love! They are so so so warm and they fit perfectly.

I'm a big hat person, I saw this set and decided to try it on. It's unusual for me to go for this shape of hat and faux-fur but it's unbelievably warm and it sits lovely and I absolutely love it. The set also came with a scarf which is also snug and warm. I'm sorted for Winter!
I love ponchos and capes at the moment. I saw this poncho as I was wondering around and fell in love there and then in the shop! I bought it without any hesitation and I have no regrets. I love the button detail and the top and the length is just what I want on a poncho. I'm going to be wearing this a lot.

What's your colour this Autumn? 
Danielle xo

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  1. Everything you bought looked fabulous on you. But then you are beautiful. You suit anything xxx