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I used to hate putting on liquid eyeliner because it's such a pain getting the flicks even, I recently discovered a way of doing liquid eyeliner that requires less time and effort and always turns out perfect.

This method I used daily and it hasn't let me down since, so I thought that I would share it with you.

You will need:
Dark eyeshadow (I use grey as my eyeliner is black)
An angled makeup brush
Your liquid eyeliner 
A mirror.

Step one: Take your angled brush, add some eyeshadow and follow your lower lash line out to form the bottom of the flick

Step two: Go over that line with your liquid eyeliner and decide what length you would like

Step three: Go to the end of your flick and join it up to your eyelid

Step four: Continue the line till your reach the inner corner (or however far you want to go) of your eye and fill in the gaps

Step five: Add a bit of mascara and voila!

An easy eyeliner cheat, for perfect cat eyes with less effort.

Danielle xo

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