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Today I bring to you my new favourite cleanser!
This lovely sample was inside my amazing goodie bag that I was given after attending the Liverpool Blogger Event, thank you Bee Good you saved my skin!

Seriously, after using this cleanser for a couple of weeks, my skin is clearer and feels much cleaner after removing makeup.

I love how simple and perfect the packaging of this product is, I really enjoy those tiny bees! Hehe, they're just so cute!
When opening it up, the scent of honey hits you and it's delicious! I've never wanted to eat a product so much in my life (well, this and bubblegum soap). I was surprised at how much makeup this actually removed, I had everything on from liquid eyeliner to waterproof mascara... Normally when using a cleanser I go over it a second time to make sure everything has been removed and there's always something left, literally every bit of makeup had been removed with this product in one go! 

I can't fault this product at all, I am definitely going to be buying more.
This is the best product that I have tried in 2015 and I can't recommend it enough!

Have you tried it?
Danielle xo

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