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Hello my lovelies!
If you follow my blog you will know that this year I have attended two blogger events! I went to the ESPA event and the Liverpool Blogger Event and I am so happy that I went.

I almost pulled out last minute from each of these events because I was absolutely terrified and so nervous, I'm not a very confident person and I don't work well with social occasions so it's a big thing for me to go to events and other get-togethers especially with most of the people there being people I've never met.

I feel like I am becoming more comfortable being in situations like these and I actually can't wait for my next event!

I have learnt that I am not the only nervous person at these events and for some people it's their first event! Events are fun and you meet so many people who have the same interests as you.

I thought that I would share my tips with you today so here are my 5 tips on attending events!

  • Bring a notebook and a few pens- I always find myself taking notes at events so I forever carry at least one little notebook in my bag with me at all times. It also helps to have more than one pen, my pen has ran out in the middle of note-taking and it is the most annoying thing ever! It's safe to say that I have learnt that lesson.
  • Bring some business cards if you have them- It's so much easier (and looks much nicer) than writing out all your links on a piece of paper. It's also really handy when giving your information to any brands that may be there.
  • Go with someone you know- Before both events, I met up with the lovely Danielle, it really helps going with someone you know instead of going alone.
  • Don't be shy, get involved- I need to follow this tip more often, at the Liverpool Blogger Event I didn't have the confidence to go around the room and get everyone's links and I really wanted to (I'm literally still kicking myself about this one!). 
  • Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and just be yourself- There's nothing worse that being uncomfortable!
I hope these tips help, let me know if you have any to add!
Danielle xo

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  1. Good tips! I was nervous before going to both the events I attended this year but you know, I feel like I can "do" them now!