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At the end of the Liverpool Blogger Event, we were all handed a huge goody bag and in that goody bag we were given a little gift voucher for CHEERZ (to create 9 free magnets!).
I had a little go on their website (and had lots of fun) and made my magnets, they arrive and I am so happy with them.

Inside the package was a little envelope... that envelope was a little letter saying thank you, it also included Christmas and New Year wishes! Inside the envelope was also a sticker and a tag to attach to it if it was a present.

The packaging is so beautiful and simple, I am definitely keeping this box! 

There were two extra magnets in my box that said 'Merry Cheerzmas', I love a good pun.  

I obviously got a magnet made with my favourite picture of Kim on! (top left)
I got the positivity bees on a magnet for my fridge because looking at this picture brightens up my mood. (top right)
I got a picture of my Dad, my Sister and I in fake moustaches for my Nan as she lives a while away and we don't see her much, I thought this was a cute idea. (bottom left)
I also had to get one made of Kim and Brian. (bottom right)

I made a magnet with a picture of my Mum and Ivy on, I love this picture it's unedited and looks beautiful. (top left)
I made a magnet of Spaghetti (her name is Jet but I call her Spaghetti and she answers to it aha). (top right)
I made one of my Nan's cat (Mums side), Rosie. (bottom left)
I also got a photo that I took when I visited The Forest of Dean, I don't really have a reason I just love the photo and the way the tree stands out. (bottom right)

Last, but not least, I got a magnet of my Mum and I. 

The box also included two little cards...

...on the back of one card it said 'So we've talked about it in the office and we think Rihanna's 'Diamonds' is about you. Many thanks.' which was lovely.
and on the back of the one that had a picture of a person on, it said 'lol. Here's Mat, our designer. He doesn't know we printed this photo, but he look so cute in it that we did it anyway. Go tell him!' and then it contained his Instagram tag, aha!

If you don't know who CHEERZ are then go check out their website! I'll definitely being going back on!
Danielle xo

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