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It's Christmas Eve (yay!) which means it's the last day of Blogmas (yay!), I've enjoyed Blogmas and I'm so happy that I managed to finish it for once... but I feel like I've just been writing any old thing and uploading it even though I'm not proud of the post, I was focusing more on finishing Blogmas than I was making posts to be proud of and putting a lot of effort into them. I'm back to focusing more on posts, researching and photography and everything that blogging includes.

It's Christmas tomorrow, yay!

I'm spending Christmas Eve at my Mum's house with my Mum and my Sister, we are going to wear our Christmas PJ's (tradition) and binge on sweets while watching Christmas films. Every year I stay over at my Mum's house for Christmas Eve and I love it, it puts me in and even more festive mood (although this year, I don't think it's possible!).

Tomorrow I'm spending the morning at my Mum's, opening presents and relaxing, I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they open their presents! For Dinner, we are going round to my Nan's (the Queen of roast dinners) and then most likely having a few drinks and a 'chill'. I don't know what my plans are after this so we'll see tomorrow!
I'm also planning on doing a Christmas GRWM video, that will (hopefully) be on my channel on Sunday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year!

How are you spending Christmas Eve?
Danielle xo

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