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If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you will know that I have been looking for a series to watch on Netflix (and I haven't been so successful!), well I finally came across one that I liked the sound of!

It is called Jericho, I am on s1ep18 and I am hooked (I am also currently watching it while typing this, hehe).

'After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks that destroyed 23 American cites, residents of a small Kansas town must come to terms with a new and very different reality as they wonder if they are the only ones left alive.'

I love anything post-apocalyptic so that's what really drew me in, I don't want to write too much as I am literally the Queen of spoilers and I don't want to say anything in case you want to give it a watch, I am enjoying this series so much right now and I would recommend it to all of you! It's worth a little try, right? Even if it's not your thing.

Have you seen this? If so, what did you think? 
Danielle xo

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