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Hello my lovelies!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
I had an amazing Christmas :) 

My Dad came round to my Mum's at 9am and we all exchanged gifts, he even brought my Dog round with him!
After we all swapped presents and had a chit chat. my Dad (and my dog) left and my Mum, Sister and I all sat around and put our faces on and got ready to go to my Nan's. 
I filmed a GRWM video which is now up on my channel, click here to watch.
We then all walked round to my Nan's, watched a bit of TV and I had a little cuddle with Rosie!
My Nan and Mum finished up the dinner and we heard 'You can sit down now', well my sister and I literally ran to the table! Christmas dinner is what I look forward to most, hehe, that and spending time with family.
I ate so much.
After dinner, we all sat around in the front room and had some drinks.
My Nan opened up the Celebrations and I was in Heaven, they are my weakness.
Later on, my Auntie and two of my Cousins care round, we had more drinks, shared childhood stories and had a catch up. It was lovely to see them and spend time with them.
I basically forced everyone to watch Stick Man, I absolutely love Julia Donaldson and I couldn't wait for this! Did you watch it?

A bit later on (very drunk now, aha!) I went round to my boyfriends where I basically made a massive fool of myself and fell asleep! 
On the bright side, I loved all my presents and they all loved theirs! 

How was your Christmas?
Danielle xo

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