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Favourite winter scent? 
Cinnamon or spiced apple.

Favourite winter beverage? 
Costa's Gingerbread Latte <3

Favourite new Christmas song from this year?
I don't really listen to music much especially new music so I really don't know any.

What is your go-to product for this month? 
My Derma V10 Lip Care.

What is your most favourite glittery product? 
I don't really do glitter, I have a glittery liquid eyeliner though? That's alright aha.

What will you be wearing on your nails? 
I never wear anything on my nails, but I actually bought some nail varnish when I went the shops the other day so we'll see if I end up wearing that.

What food are you most excited about? 
My Nan's roast dinner at Christmas, especially her carrot & turnip *drools*.

Do you have any special family traditions? 
My sister and I buy each other new PJ's to wear on Christmas eve every year and I stay over at her house.

When do you put your decorations up? 
I have a few decorations up now around my room, we don't really have a set date to put them up. Our tree is going up in a few days I think, we kind of do it when we can.

Is there one thing you don't like about this month? 
Wrapping presents! It stresses me out so much and I really struggle at it.

Do you have any exciting plans for this month? 
Not really. I'm going to my Nan's for Christmas dinner, I am very excited about that hehe.

What are you going to wear on Christmas day?
I'm not sure, I have a new flannel shirt that I was planning on wearing but you never know.

What tops your tree?
I actually can't remember? How bad is that?!

Do you have an advent calendar? If so, show us?
I do not, I have a severe nut allergy so I don't bother it's too much of a pain.

Do you like mince pies? 

Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper? 
I've already worn mine a few times hehe, probably not.

Are you going to make anything? 
Not that I know of.

If you have to pick one, what would be your favourite movie? 
The Grinch, It's A Wonderful Life or The Nightmare Before Christmas (I pretty much watch them every December).

If you could go away for Christmas, where would you go?
I wouldn't want to. 

How do you keep warm? 
Bed socks, blankets and jumpers.

Do you have a favourite ornament or decoration?
My new favourite is my Owl pillow.

Favourite Christmas advert?
I also don't watch much TV so I'm not too sure, I'm a little disappointed in the John Lewis one this year I didn't even cry at this one!

Are you going to be reading a book this month? If so, tell us? 
Not this month, too busy.

What are you wanting more than anything?
I'm not really 'wanting' anything tbh.

Do you have a theme for your wrapping paper?
Owls of course.

What treats are you looking forward too?
Selection boxes <3

How do you decorate your room?
You can have a look in one of my latest videos - click here.

What item do you not like receiving on Christmas?
I'm happy with anything aha, I really can't think of one.

Favourite Christmas quote?
When Buddy (Elf) says 'Sounds like somebody needs to sing a Christmas carol', I just think it's funny aha.

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Danielle xo

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  1. Haha love this tag - will be doing it! Did you not find the John Lewis advert a bit sad? It pulled at my heart strings because I hate seeing old people on their own for Christmas day.

    1. It was sad, I hate seeing that too :( I just didn't really enjoy it to be honest, oh well