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I am a huge fan of owls, so of course my first wishlist of December is going to be owl-themed?!

Owl Cartoon Face iPhone Case £4.95 / Sleeping Green Owl iPhone Case £2.49 - I need an Owl phone case in my life and these two are adorable!
Catherine Lansfield A Wise Owl Bedding Set £11.69 - I love the colour and the pattern, this would go perfect in my room.
Owl Cartoon Cushion Case  £2.99 - You can never have too many Owl cushions, am I right?
Vintage Purple Owl Cushion £19.95 - ^^^^^

Lylia Rose Green Owl Print Scarf £9.99 - love all of Lylia Rose's items, although this is the one I'm wishing for most!
Flying Barn Owl Necklace £20.00 - You can also never have enough Owl-themed jewelry, how adorable is this Barn Owl necklace?! It's perfect.

Set Of Three Speak, Hear, See No Evil Owl Set £19.95 - These are just too cute!

Why are owls so amazing?!
Danielle xo

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