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Meet the newest member of the family, her name is Adi

On 4/1/16, my Mum and my Sister bought a little puppy, she is German Shepard (2 months and 2 days old!) and she is just the cutest little thing!

She has a cheeky little personality and likes to test your patience, she's going to be mischief! She is also very clever, she already plays fetch and (most of the time) walks over to the paper for her business.

(While writing this she walked over to me and kissed my hand and walked off, I wonder what she's up to)

She loves to play (even though she can't for long and ends up sleeping!) and nip on you with her little needle teeth.

I actually vlogged the day that they got her and the day after, click here to watch it.

She is wonderful and I love her so much already.
Danielle xo

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