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Hello my lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter or have 'liked' my Facebook page, you will know that today I am starting off a new blog series. This series is called 'Living a positive life' and it's basically all the ways in which I am changing my life to make it into a more positive and healthy one. I recently felt like I was about to break down and I couldn't get out from the dark place that I was in, I've decided to try out some things and hopefully improve my life for the better. I've already started doing some of the things I will be mentioning in the weeks to come and in all honesty I already feel lighter. I'm writing this series in the hope that it may help some of you out there, as well as me, who are struggling or stuck in a bad place.

I'm going to kick this one off with a post from the archives

In this post I spoke a bit about all the reasons in which smiling benefits us, one thing that sticks out (which is why I just had to kick the series off with smiling) is this little snippet..

'Smiling has been referred to in the past (and probably still is) as the 'natural drug' as it releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin and together this little group of three make us feel great.'

If you would like to read more about why we should smile more, click on the link above. 

I am going to start smiling more when I'm feeling like everything is too much and like I am getting weighed down.

Try it yourself, when you're feeling so stressed out that you feel trapped, smile and you will feel the difference.

“You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” 

Danielle xo

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  1. I hope you're getting out of yoru bad place my dear. But yes smiling is great! I catch myself smiling at the most random things sometimes x

    1. Thank you :) Smiling is lovely and it costs nothing!