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When things get a bit too much and start to weigh you down, why not take a break and empty your mind for a while? I like to write everything down, good and bad, just to get it out my head - it sounds simple but it really does work, you do feel a bit better afterwards! Going for a walk also helps, especially if you have a dog who can come along with you (walking is always better with dogs, am I right?). There's a place near my house that I like to go to walk, relax and forget about life, it's beautiful and there is so much space and different paths to walk on.

I made it into a little video last time I went.

I recently wrote a post about the benefits of walking, you can check it out HERE if you want.

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes, especially if there is a lot on your mind. I think we need to take a little time out of each day just for ourselves, we deserve it, I like to read in my own time or play games. Another way I like to relax is to have a long, hot bath and I'm sure you can all agree that baths are lovely to relax in (especially when they contain Lush).
I recently tired out a bath bomb that I received for Christmas from my sister, the Dashing Santa Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics.

 I always think it's relaxing to watch a bath bomb dissolve, anyone else?

This bath bomb had a wonderful citrus smell to it and made my bath water a lovely orange-peach-y colour. It was lovely. Although I wouldn't use it again because I unfortuniately had a little reaction on my arms and legs (note: this is because I have very sensitive skin and it's not the product itself it's just me, I've heard a lot about this product and I'm very sad that my skin didn't like it). 

How do you spend your 'me-time'? 
Danielle xo

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