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I get travel sick, I get travel sick a lot. Recently, I went to Edinburgh and survived a 3 hour (ish) train journey and I hardly felt travel sick at all! I thought that I would share my tips with you and if you do get travel sick a lot, like me, I hope they help you.

The first thing I'm going to mention is a little tablet called 'Kwells', I discovered these a few years ago and they are literally the best thing ever. You take one 20-30 minutes before travelling and they just dissolve in your mouth (they don't taste that great but it's worth it!) and if it's a long journey, you can take them every 6 hours. I normally get travel sick so bad that I need to get off but now I'm absolutely fine or I just get a little travel sick, these tablets are absolutely amazing. Kwells are available at Boots for around £3 and I highly recommend them to anyone who gets travel sick. The only downside to these tablets is that they can make you feel very drowsy, this might not sound so bad to some of you but for me it's horrible (I'm not comfortable sleeping while travelling, it makes me very self-conscious and anxious). 

It helps to have a drink to sip regularly, I don't know why it helps but it does for me aha. I find that Oasis is the best choice, fizzy drinks are not a good option!

I'll let you into another trick I've learnt, music! Make a playlist of songs that you know the words to and bring said playlist along with you on your journey (preferably with earphones). If you start feeling a little unwell pop your earphones in and play your playlist, focus on the lyrics and say them in your head. I don't know why this works, maybe something to do with distracting your mind? I use this trick all the time and it hasn't let me down so far.

I always carry an emergency packet of crisps in my bag if I'm going on a really long journey, if I feel really travel sick I have a little munch and feel a bit better. I find that a sandwich or a pack of salted crisps are the best snacks when it comes to travelling.

I remember once when I was going on a school trip (I was always the child who threw up on the coach so I permanently sat at the front with the teachers by the better windows) and I got so travel sick, the teacher I was by told me a trick that I've used ever since - when you feel travel sick, look out the window and focus on the distance. She explained something to do with the mind, I can't really remember the explanation but basically don't look at still objects like the chair in front of you, look at things in the distance outside the window that are moving past you. 

If you have any other tips let me know in a comment box below, I would love to hear them!
Happy travelling!
Danielle xo

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  1. I to have travel sickness, and it's just dreadful haha! I think for me it's about avoiding food around the time of travel but drinking plenty of water x