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For a tasty pizza, you need to have a good dough along with some amazing toppings. Isn’t it true? Yes, it is, but you need to make some more improvements using some tips and tricks to get a better piece of pizza to savour upon when you are making it at home. Many a time, when making pizza at home you must have realized that it tastes amazing but again, you must have felt like punishing your teeth the other times.

How to get that crispy dough?
Most of the people like pizza to be crispy. If you are also the kind of that person, then you must know how to get it. In general, if the dough is wetter, you will get crispy pizza. In simple, by using the sticky dough, you will be able to get a thin and crispy base. If you love it fluffy, add more flour while preparing. Yes, again if you want to avoid all this work and enjoy pizza, then simply order it online at and you can also use Pizza Hut promo code of 10% Off.

Let the dough rest
When it comes to people, they almost start making pizza once the dough is ready. Things are not the same in restaurants. They let the dough stay in the fridge overnight. The reason is very simple! At very low temperature, the gluten in the flour gets relaxed. This increases the elasticity of the dough making it easy for stretching. Just make a big ball of your dough and place it in a greasy bowl, use plastic foil to cover it and place it in the fridge.

Have a pizza stone
In reality, many of the pizza stones are not really stones. Most of the professionals using ceramic. It can even come handy when you are making a homemade pizza. The slab absorbs all the moisture apart from retaining the heat. So you will be able to keep the food at the right temperature.

Hominy to avoid sticking
When you are working on the dough, make sure you use your hands. Once you have the ball, crush it to get the shape of the disk. Now put some hominy on the tray and place the dough on that. Roll the dough now to get the perfect diameter. In case the dough is more elastic, leave it there for some time and try again. You will be surprised by the result.

Say no to excessive toppings
Make sure that you don’t overload the dough with a number of ingredients. Just go for 4-5 ingredients only. This will help you to bake the dough properly. In case you opt for many ingredients, you will not be able to bake the dough properly and you may end up having a raw dough with an outer crispy layer.

So if you want to have your own homemade pizza you can definitely try it. It is not that hard. If you are a bit of a lazy kind of person, better opt for Dealslands offers and buy the pizza online for less.  

*This is a sponsored blogpost. Written by C.Meloni, Marketing manager at Dealslands UK.*

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  1. I might have to try some of these tips, my big problem is getting a round pizza (mine are all sorts of shapes haha)!

    Danielle xx
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