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I recently attended the Liverpool Period Project event, organised by two of my favourite ladies Alisha and Sam. I had such a wonderful time, I saw some of my blogger friends and also made some new ones!

The event was held in the Dough Bar which is right next to Lime Street Station, where some of us met up beforehand. I can't wait to go back to the Dough Bar, their pizza is amazing but we'll get to that later on in the blog post! The Dough Bar had retro arcades, consoles and board games dotted everywhere which were free for us to play all day, ah I can't wait to go back! Their prices were also so affordable too! OK I'm moving on for now..

When we arrived, Sam showed us to the donation table, raffle table and yard sale table. We all donated sanitary items among other things for this event, if you didn't guess by the name this is what our charity of the day was. All our donations and money raised (we raised over £160!) went to The Whitechapel Centre.

We had a walk round the venue, found our seats and got to know the people on our tables.

Sam stood up, welcomed us all and told us a little bit about the day.

Becky from Teardrop Designs stood up next and told us a bit about their brand, they also made some special bracelets for the event itself which were so cute! I loved the idea of their wish bracelets! Basically you put on your bracelet and make a wish, then you wear the bracelet and when it wears away or snaps your wish comes true! I put on my event bracelet and made my own wish.

But I'm not telling you my wish or it wont come true!

Michelle from The Body Shop at Home stood up next and told us about what she does and about their work from home opportunities. Michelle also spoke a bit about her table that she had set up, where there were products to test out, she also help a few competitions including one where you could win a free facial for you and five friends.

We all had previously put £5 towards the wonderful buffet of pizza, fries and salad. The pizzas at the Dough Bar were delicious and they're all under £9! Ah! 

I had a slice of pepperoni of course and I also tried a vegan slice with mushrooms on, oh my gosh was it yummy! I also had a little tiny bit of salad. 

After we had eaten, we then turned to face the TV and watched two short videos, one was by Professional Beauty about their upcoming event, the second was by Merumaya who spoke about their hashtag #beautyhasnoage.

Alisha then talked to us a bit about Professional Beauty and about the charity CoppaFeel which encourages young people to check their boobs regularly as it could save their life.

We all took pictures for Instagram using the props provided and the hashtag #coppafeel, I personally love my photo with Danielle (and my pink hair!).

From my Instagram - @_mylilyotv

Time for games!

We played a game called 'What's in your bag?' where you get points for everything that you have in your bag and after recently clearing out my bag, I didn't get many points aha! 

We then took part in a quiz, which I also didn't do too good at because I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones of Pretty Little Liars, but it was still fun!

We then played 'Pass the Parcel' which I'm sure you know the rules for, I haven't played this in so long!

Michelle then hosted a few games which were lots of fun. First we were given a bin bag each and 2 minutes to make a little black dress out of it.

I was quite proud of mine, it had sleeves and everything!

Next we played a game where we placed a piece of paper on our heads (with something to lean on of course) and we were given things to draw and their positions (eg. to the left of your Island), we then looked at our paper and got points for putting our drawings in the right place.

I thought I did quite well! My hula dancer wasn't on the island and my palm tree wasn't completely on my island so I lost those points. I enjoyed this game so much!

Earlier in the day, we all bought ourselves some raffle tickets. There were so many prizes that we all got to win at least twice! 

I got a beautiful bag which I am completely in love with 

Isn't it wonderful?

Then it was goody bag time and wow, the goody bags were amazing!

When I got home, I set it all out on the table and took some pictures and clips (I then spent the next 10 minutes eating my popcorn and sweets hehe!)

I'm going to be doing a few blog posts over August reviewing all the items I was given, so keep your eyes open for them! I've tried a couple of products already and I'm already planning on buying one of them when I run out! A MASSIVE thank you to all the brands involved (links below).

The event ended around 4pm, we stayed a little and chatted and then it was time for me to go home. I said my goodbyes and made my way to the train station. I had the best time, thank you to Alisha and Sam for having me, you ladies did a fantastic job!

I also made a video of the event, feel free to check that out and let me know whet you think. 

BRANDS INVOLVED (thank you!): 
Merumaya - TWITTER 
Unipack Bags - WEBSITE
All That Glam - TWITTER 
Body Embrace - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Busaba Liverpool - TWITTER 
Charming Beads - WEBSITE / TWITTER
Hollywood Bowl - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Hot Water Comedy Club - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Imperial Candles - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Me True/True Lips - WEBSITE / FACEBOOK 
Monster Parties - WEBSITE / FACEBOOK 
Pink Parcel - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Propercorn - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Serendipity Crafts - FACEBOOK 
The Body Shop - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
The Chocolate Cellar - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
This Material Culture - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
Talking Tables - WEBSITE / TWITTER 
x-BlackHeads / WEBSITE
Yankee Candles - WEBSITE / TWITTER 

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  1. I love this blog post!! Thank you so. so much for coming along darling - it really meant a lot to us. <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | http://twitter.com/AlishaValerie