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(#LPPevent goody bag review -post #2)
I have been so excited to try these two beautiful products, so excited. 

I'm going to start with my Me Now True Lips liner in shade 058 and it is perfect

I am a big fan of red lips and this product didn't let me down, it's perfect on it's own or with lipstick over it and it doesn't make my lips feel dry like most lip liners do!

I also got a eye/lip liner in shade 001 

I had so much fun trying out this one, it was like a blast from the past! I went through a phase of wearing black lipstick, I was a bit of a goth actually (maybe I'll share old photos of me one day, let me know if you'd like to see that?), in all honesty I don't hate it and I feel like I'd definitely wear a black lip again!

This lip liner is also an eye liner which I thought was handy, I wouldn't say it's the neatest application, however, sharpened or with a little angled brush this would be perfect!

Onto the brushes

Can we just talk a bit about how wonderful Spectrum brushes are?! They're so soft and gentle, they also just look beautiful. I can't wait to try my new eyeshadow brush out. 

I also have in my bag, a white face mask brush from that has a cute pink tip on the bristles, this brush is also so soft and I can't wait to use it - I was also given a Blackhead mask which I will be featuring in an upcoming video on my channel.

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