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At the #LLPevent I received a voucher in my goody bag for a £40 complimentary meal at Yo!Sushi, I decided to take my sister with me. 
I was a bit hesitant about going as I'm not a sushi person, but I am so glad I went! They do so much more than just fish! But I'll get to that later...

I loved the layout of the restaurant, you could sit around the conveyor belt of deliciousness or you could sit in a booth - we opted for the booth. 

The sofa seats were so  comfy and the table was very organised, I loved how everything was set in the table instead of on it as it looks so much tidier! On our table we had: saucers, chopsticks, easy-to-use chopsticks, spoons, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi and napkins...

...we also had two taps, one was unlimited water and the other was unlimited sparkling water.

The menu was very well set out, with pages for 'hot food', 'cold food' and so on.
The price of the food is shown by the colour of the bowls, hence the colour-coded menu which I thought was pretty cool.
When someone mentions 'sushi' I think of 'fish' but Yo!Sushi does so much more -  from chicken meals to vegetarian dishes, they have an option for everyone!

You could also take any item off the belt - the belt carried all of the items off of the 'cold food' part of the menu (all the Hoisin Duck Rolls I could ask for!)

I chose 'Hoisin Duck Rolls' from the 'cold food' menu to start and oh my gosh they were amazing (After the meal I was planning on trying out a desert but I got more of these off of the belt  instead because they were that wonderful!).

I then went for Chicken Yakisoba from the 'hot food' menu, this was absolutely delicious and just the right amount of spicy. It was basically a dish of noodles, chicken and roast vegetables, it was so yummy!

I was so full leaving Yo!Sushi and so happy! My sister and I are already planning on going back!

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