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I've recently made myself a new routine, mainly for my mental health, I've been following this routine for just over a week and I already feel so much better than I usually would of a morning. 

I now wake up at the early time of 8am, I have finally became a morning person and it's bloody great.

The first thing I do is go downstairs, let the dogs out and grab myself a big glass of icy water. Water on it's own I can't stand, it's always made me feel a little sick and it's just kind of boring really, but I've found that with lots of ice cubes added it's a lot easier for me to drink (and I actually think I'm starting to enjoy it).

When the dogs have finished with their 'business' I go back upstairs to start on my skincare

I brush my teeth then I use my Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser to cleanse my face. 

I then take my all time favourite moisturiser - Vaseline Intensive Care - and apply that all over my face, then I go over my lips with some simple Vaseline Lip Therapy.

If it's a weekday I will pop on my gym clothes, do a workout and jump in the shower. I normally aim to do a proper workout 5 days a week, I still aim to do this but I have moved my workouts to the morning which I think just works better for me.

If it's not a workout day, I will skip this step and go straight into getting ready for the day. If I'm going out I will do my makeup, hair and get dressed into something nice; If I'm not going out I will put on some comfy clothes and most likely tie my hair off my face.

Today I'm not going anywhere and have lots to do so comfy clothes it is!

I'm wearing a soft, collared shirt under my cosiest jumper, I paired this with just a pair of leggings and a fuzzy pair of bed socks.

Now onto my favourite part of my morning routine - BREAKFAST TIME!

I never used to eat breakfast but I recently added porridge into my routin and I am so in love. Each morning I have a bowl of porridge with a tablespoon of honey in (honey has SO MANY health benefits) and another glass of icy water.

After breakfast I will feed the dogs and the fish, this is also the time where I will grab myself a coffee if need be.

I then go to my schedule, see what I need to do to day and make a list of the top 3 (the most important ones that I want to finish).

Today I am repotting some of my house plants, filling in my positivity diary and setting up my sofa bed as my sister is staying. 

I find that picking 3 things instead of writing a big to do list really motivates me to get them done.

This is where my day begins.

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