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Last Month, I mentioned my 'Positive Diary' and I spoke about all my favourite, positive things that had happened throughout January

I don't know how it's March already, this year is flying by don't you think?

Let's have a look back on February;
  • 3/2/17 - Went for a lovely meal with my Mum and my Sister for my Mum's birthday at a place I've never tried called 'Chy' and it was delicious. We then went for some drinks and got doner kebabs on the way home.
  • 4/2/17 - Went for breakfast with my Mum and my Sister, the vegetarian sausages were so spicy and yummy!
  •  5/2/1/7 - Had a lovely hour long walk home from my Mum's house, treated myself to a Gingerbread Latte from Costa (if you haven't tried one then I really recommend that you do). 
  • 7/2/17 - Had a lovely day in Town (and delicious pizza from Dough Bar!!!) with Danielle and Sam.
  • 8/2/17 - Went for an hour walk along the canal with my Boyfriend then had a snuggly evening watching Forensic Files (and eating triple chocolate chip muffins hehe).
  • 9/2/17 - Finally downloaded Pokemon Go on my phone and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 
  • 15/2/17 - My Mum treated me to a lovely meal at a place by hers, it was nice to spend the day with her. 
  • 20/2/17 - Vlogged for the first time this year, I also repotted some of our house plants and rearranged them.
  • 21/2/17 - Went for a lovely 2 hour walk then went for a drive with my Dad to visit my Nan.
  • 24/2/17 - FINALLY GOT AN OVEN!!!
  • 27/2/17 - Went for a walk with Dad and the Dogs, also did a massive food shop and stocked up on Veggies.
  • 28/2/17 - I got an iPhone 6s and I love it.
February hasn't been the best Month, mentally, but it has been quite a positive one.

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