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This year I'm focusing on the positives and writing down at least one positive each night from my day, at the end of each Month I look back and make a post about my favourite days and favourite positive moments.


Let's take a look back on March;
  • 1/3/17 - Today I took Kim for a long walk on my own (which is a big thing for me)
  • 6/3/17 - Had the most wonderful day in Town with my Boyfriend
  • 8/3/17 - Today I made a roast dinner for the first time ever, it was delicious and I was very proud of myself
  • 11/3/17 - Today I spent the day watching Disney films and musicals that I hadn't watched yet
  • 15/3/17 - Met with Sam for lunch and a catch up at Dough Bar in Town
  • 21/3/17 - Today I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake and it was oh my gosh it was amazing
  • 23/3/17 - Today I had a phone assessment with a counsellor and I'm feeling very optimistic
  • 25/3/17 - Had a charity night in work with some of my favourite people, had a lot to drink and a dance (and LOTS of food when Lucy and I got back to mine)
  • 26/3/17 - Went for a meal with my Mum, Nan and Sister for Mother's Day, then met up with more family members for drinks
  • 31/3/17 - Had drinks and pizza after work with everyone, Lucy came back to mine and we stayed up till 8 am drinking more whiskey and chit chatting
March has been quite a nice Month, I wonder how April is going to go.

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