This year I'm going to be having a go at my own bullet journal, I've heard they increase motivation and positivity so what have I got to lose? I bought myself the cutest little book  and I even got myself some new, colourful pens (yay new stationary!).

I've began to set up my journal and have been using it since the start of 2018 (obviously), I'm finding it very calming doodling and colouring in the pages and setting it out just how I want it. 

This year I'm setting myself a few goals, I don't mind if I don't manage to keep them and I'm not going to get mad at or put too much pressure on myself, but I have set them (I also know I'm not the best at drawing).

I'm aiming to put a bit of money aside each month, even if it's just a tiny bit I'll still be saving.

I'm aiming to drink more water and eat less sugar compared to what I normally eat/drink, I am a big fan of sugar and consume too much of it you see.

I'm also aiming to be more active and do more of what makes me happy.

Have you set yourself any goals for this year?

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