Morning has got to be my favourite time of the day. I love mornings, I love how peaceful and slow they can be and how calm my head is - compared to the end of the day where it's busy thinking about all kinds, most of the time about things that don't matter at all or overthinking things.

After feeling inspired by a recent book I read ('5 Minute Morning Boosters' by Rachel Rofe), I decided to build more of a morning routine and wake up a little earlier, giving myself more time to focus on self-care or hobbies that I no longer have time for - such as blogging!

I've always felt more productive of a morning, I love waking up, getting everything done and then having the rest of the day or the evening after work to do whatever I feel like doing - right now, that's writing this and eating salted caramel ice cream, I'm living my best life.

As well as being productive, morning's are also a lovely time to sit back, relax and take the time to do something you enjoy such as listening to a positive podcast or reading a good book. It's even better when the sun is out, reading a good book in the garden with a nice iced coffee there is nothing better.

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