Friday, 7 December 2018


I came across this post by Wonderfully Bookish while having a little scroll, I instantly loved the idea of the TBR jar and felt that I just had to make one of my own, what an organised and aesthetically pleasing way of keeping track of your TBR pile!

I have so many books on my pile, I keep buying and buying more books to add to it even though I'm aware of how gigantic it is, this sounded like the perfect way to keep track of the ones I have yet to read - I also tend to take to take forever picking my next book because I have that many that sound so good.

Saturday, 1 December 2018


A roundup of books I read in November and what I thought about them:

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
'When an alien capsule lands on Horsell Common, Woking, crowds of astonished onlookers gather. But wonder soon turns to terror when the Martians emerge. Armed with deadly heat rays, the aliens begin their conquest of earth. Confronted by powers beyond our control, a technology far in advance of our own, and a race of alien invaders which regard us as no more than ants, humankind faces extinction.

While the world crumbles under the shadow of the Martian menace, one man sets out alone across the desolate wasteland to find his wife. . .'

I absolutely loved this book, I found it both terrifying and impossible to put down, I swear at some points I actually held my breath it was so full of suspense. 'The War of the Worlds' has always creeped me out in film style, the sirens and the height of the tripods, I'm creeped out just imagining the sound now! I assumed the book would send shivers down my spine too, boy was I right. If you haven't read this and you enjoyed the film(s), I highly recommend that you give it a read! If you haven't watched it then I recommend you give it a read anyway, the book is so much better than the film in my opinion. I, of course, gave this 5/5 stars on GR.

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